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Supply Chain & Inventory Woes

July 08, 2021 1 min read

Current Supply Chain & Inventory Woes are currently affecting our business.

Last years economic disrupt ended up causing shortfalls in inventory.  We have done our best to absorb this disruption without having it affect our current business but unfortunately it is now affecting our current production.

As businesses have began to reopen and life returns to some normalcy the demand for promotional products and curbside setups has began to increase.

However, we are now experiencing shipping/fulfillment issues with rising raw material/labor costs, unfavorable exchange rates, and higher costs of overhead. 

Shipping and container costs have soared -  Although we produce the graphics here, most blanks (tshirts, hats, you can check your tags) are produced overseas.  Same goes for the quality frames we use for all our curbside items.  

Inventory Aggravation - If we are able to source the products, we are experiencing a huge halt with congestion at ports, foreign and domestic.

Rising material & Labor Costs - Raw materials costs have increased and as we have absorbed labor costs during this current era, these have increased as well.

Most companies in our industry started implementing cost changes in January & then again in April to accommodate for these increases.  We've done our best to hold off but our small business needs to do the best possible to continue pushing through.

We greatly appreciate your continued support and hope that you can understand.  We will be implementing price changes across all our Canopies and Curbside setups beginning 07/08/21, 5PM PST. 

Keep on building on,
Abby D.

Brand Ur Merch